Co-op Education Program Application

Co-op Education Program Application - 2021

  • Due Date: ​​By 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 15, 2021.

    Application Fee: ​$100 non-refundable. By submitting this application I agree to pay the $100 co-op application fee that will be added to my Redeemer student account.

    1. Complete this application.
    2. The recommendation form will be automatically sent to the two professors of your choice. One must be a professor in your program faculty. These form part of your application, so be sure to request them well in advance of the deadline. Send a separate email with your resume attached to the two professors you listed as a reference.
    3. If you have any questions about the Co-op application process, please contact Karen Thorburn, Academic and Career Advisor, at
  • (MM/YYYY)
  • Co-operative Education Timeline
    1 Study Term Study Term
    2 Study Term
    Applications received
    $100 Fee Applied*
    Registrar responds
    Study Term
    Co-op Prep Class
    $600 Fee Applied*
    3 Study Term
    Job search
    Work Term I
    $800 Fee Applied*
    4 Work Term I Continued Study Term Study Term
    Job search
    5 Work Term II Work Term II Continued
    $800 Fee Applied*
    Study Term

    * All Co-op program fees are subject to the terms given in the Academic Calendar and subject to change

  • By submitting this application form, I will:

    1. Read the Co-operative Education Program Student Guide available through CELC and fulfill the responsibilities as found in the guide.

    Upon Acceptance into the Co-op Program, I will:

    1. Attend all Co-op Program sessions and workshops.
    2. Regularly check Discovery for assignments and notices.
    3. Check my Redeemer email for Co-op Program correspondence daily and respond in a timely manner.
  • Please enter two professors' email addresses who will recommend you to the program.