Food Services Requests

Food services requests include on-campus meals or refreshments for meetings, hospitality, and/or events. The totals on this form should match the amounts requested on your Operating Budget Form for the corresponding accounts listed below. Please provide as much detail as possible as we need to budget the food costs and labour related to these events. If there is a remaining amount budgeted for unknown events include that amount with a general description such as miscellaneous events.

  • Requests

  • Available Budget Numbers (Note: XXXXXX represents your department code):

    10-00-XXXXXX-64600Catered meetings and hospitality events: This account is used for meals and refreshments ordered by departments of Redeemer University College.

    10-00-XXXXXX-64605Tim Hortons, ReFresh, the Market, Communal: This account is used for meals and refreshments provided while submitting internal vouchers, R/UC Express Cards, or reimbursements.

    10-00-XXXXXX-64630Grocery Money: This account is used for adding grocery money for extra meals in the dorms (e.g. Moving in early, sibling weekend, BOG meals)

  • Budget NumberDescriptionApprox. # in attendanceMonth event taking placeBudgeted amount