Parking Permit Application – Students

Welcome to Redeemer’s parking permit application page for students. If you live on campus or drive to campus you need a parking permit! If you live on campus, provide your dorm number and you may be eligible to receive a court parking permit (first come, first received). If you drive to campus, you will receive an academic parking permit. Remember to always display your permit number out and avoid the Visitors and Box Office parking lots to avoid getting a ticket!

Parking Permit Fee Schedule:

Annual Parking Permit – $100
Fall only Semester permit – $50.00
Winter only Semester permit – $50.00

Important Note: In order to encourage the prompt purchasing of parking permits the following “Early Bird” deadlines have been put in place:

  1. For Annual and Fall only permits, applications completed and payment made (payment to your account is automatic for students) by September 18, 2020 pay a reduced fee of $75.
  2. For Winter only permits, applications completed and payment made (payment is automatic for students to their account) by January 15, 2021, pay a reduced fee of $37.50.
  3. If you are registered or working at Redeemer for both fall and winter semesters, an Annual permit must be purchased in the fall to help reduce the administrative workload.
  4. Even if you are part-time, you must purchase a parking permit. Because the cost is so low, there is only one fee.

If you didn’t receive an auto-reply email with your information summary, please try again.

Please refer to the student handbook for more details or read the FAQs below.

Terms and Conditions

Parking Registration

All vehicles parked on campus must display a valid parking permit. Yearly permits are valid from September 1 to August 31, and can be purchased from the Security Office.
The yearly permits are marked with the parking lot(s) for which they are valid. A limited number of permits are available for the residential parking lots at Calvin Court, Luther Court (including the independent apartments), Cranmer Court and Augustine Hall. These permits are distributed in the following manner:

  1. Resident and Housing advisors (if required – one per dorm).
  2. 1st dorm occupant if above do have not a car.
  3. Balance on a first come, first served basis.
    Please note that a number of the parking spaces in each lot are kept free for visitors. These spaces are not to be used except for visitors of students living in the dorms or independent apartments. Parking is not permitted at the President’s Guest House except by registered guests and Edifide staff.

All other persons who do not qualify for residential parking permits must purchase a general parking permit that is valid for use in the Academic North and Academic South parking lots only.

Parking Rules

When parking on campus, please be careful to abide by the following parking rules. This will help us to maintain orderly parking and traffic flow, and will help you to avoid unnecessary parking tickets.

  1. All students who park a vehicle on Redeemer property must purchase a parking permit for the current academic year.
  2. The parking permit must be valid for the academic year and must be clearly displayed facing out on the dashboard or hanging from the rear-view mirror.
  3. All parking spaces marked ‘Visitor’ in the courts are reserved for guests. Guests must check in with security and receive a temporary parking permit.
  4. Park only in the parking lot for which your permit is valid. Do not park in the Visitors or Box Office parking lots as these are reserved for visitors.
  5. Do not park in the Academic South parking lot between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 am during the Academic year, and 12:00 am and 6:00 am during the Summer Conference season.
  6. No parking is permitted overnight in the Sports Complex parking lots between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 am during the Academic year, and 12:00 am and 6:00 am during the Summer Conference season.
  7. Do not leave your vehicle in the Academic South parking (paved) lot over weekends or school breaks.
  8. Do not leave your vehicle in the Academic South parking during a snow emergency. Vehicles impeding snow clearing operations will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  9. Do not park in the Administration Visitor parking lot. This lot is reserved exclusively for visitor use. Students who use the facilities on a daily or nightly basis are not visitors.
  10. Do not park in any space which is reserved for others.
  11. Park properly between painted lines.
  12. Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces must display a valid handicapped permit.
  13. Do not park in a ‘No Parking Zone’, fire route, bus route, or delivery route.
  14. Do not park or stop on any of the main roadways into and out of the Redeemer property that are clearly marked NO STOPPING.
  15. Park in only designated parking lots.
  16. Parking Permits are NOT TRANSFERABLE and NON REFUNDABLE. If there is a change of information, i.e. license plates or vehicle information, please inform Security using the following link: Vehicle Information Change Form
  17. If it is necessary to leave your vehicle overnight in the Academic South parking lot due to breakdown, you must contact Security at ext. 4444 or (905) 961-4444. Any vehicle left overnight on the Academic South parking lot without notifying Security is subject to be ticketed by a Hamilton Bylaw Officer.
  18. Do not drive on any of the pedestrian walkways or on grass areas of the campus.
  19. Any person found driving in a dangerous or reckless manner on campus will be reported to Police Services.

Disabled & Derelict Vehicles

Any vehicle that is illegally parked due to mechanical problems must be immediately reported to Security. All vehicles parked on campus must be licensed, registered, insured, and maintained in operable condition. Derelict vehicles will be ticketed and/or removed from campus at the owner’s expense.

Fines and Appeals

Redeemer University College Security works in co-operation with the City of Hamilton Parking Bylaw Enforcement to enforce these parking rules. Vehicles parked in violation of any of the parking rules may be ticketed with an infraction. Parking tickets or infractions may be issued by the City of Hamilton or by the Redeemer Security Department. Tickets issued by the City of Hamilton are assessed at rates established by the City and must be paid to the City. Redeemer University College has no jurisdiction over these tickets and cannot accept appeals of these tickets.

Infractions issued by the Redeemer Security Department are assessed at $25.00 per violation. Fines for Redeemer parking infractions must be paid in person at the General Office. Redeemer parking infractions may be appealed to the Parking Ticket Appeals Committee. Appeals must be made in writing within 7 calendar days of the ticket date. All decisions by the committee are final. Fines not paid within 7 calendar days of the ticket date or the date of appeal denial will be charged to the student’s account by the Business Office and will be assessed an additional $10.00 administration fee.

Visitor’s Parking

If a student has a guest or guests on campus who have a vehicle, it is necessary to obtain a visitor’s parking permit from the Security Office in the academic building. These permits are available free of charge for a stay of up to 2 weeks. A visitor’s permit will allow a guest to park in the Academic North parking lot overnight. Visitors must abide by the Parking Rules & Regulations, obtainable from the Security office or found elsewhere in this Student Handbook.


Can I appeal a parking infraction?

​Yes. You can appeal a parking infraction by visiting the Parking Permit Appeal Form.

Alternatively, you can obtain a paper copy of the appeal form from the security office which is open from:
4 pm – Midnight
Monday – Friday and all day Saturday

I purchased another vehicle what do I do?

Please visit the Parking Permit Vehicle Change form. Then we will update our records. Thank you!

Where can I store my bicycle?

​You can store your bicycle at any one of many bicycle racks provided around campus. Alternatively, you can store your bike in the basement of your dorm (if available). Please note that you must secure your bicycle to a rack to ensure its safety. Redeemer, however, cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.

Is handicapped parking provided?

Yes, barrier-free parking is available in the visitors, box office and academic south (paved) parking lot.​

Do motorcycles need permits?

​At the present time, permits are not required for motorcycles.

Who needs a Redeemer parking permit?

​Any student who brings a car onto campus whether living on campus or commuting. Failure to do so will result in a  parking infraction being issued.