Absence for Illness

Note: This form is NOT for students who are required to be remote due to self-isolation requirements due to COVID-19. Students are expected to take their tests/quizzes remotely when that is an option. Please let your professors know if you are isolating but not ill.

Students who have missed required term work because of illness or incapacitating distress should refer to the policies and procedures put in place by Redeemer University. Students may be required to submit this Student Illness Request form.

A student’s absence from tests and assignments due to a minor medical situation, lasting up to three days, will be excused without a doctor’s note. This form will only cover missed coursework that Learning Services can support students in completing. This does not include practical work (ex. in-person labs, music, theatre) or class participation grades, which must be addressed by individual instructors rather than Learning Services.

If a student is going to be absent, they must complete and submit this form indicating any assignments, tests, and midterms that they will miss. The form must be completed at the time of illness and will not be accepted retroactively. In addition, the extension on missed coursework is only for work missed in those three days of illness.

Learning Services will only notify instructor(s) of the excused absence when coursework is missed due to illness and a completed form is received. Learning Services will provide deadlines for missed coursework. It is also the responsibility of the student to contact instructors when classes are missed due to illness. If a student missed tests/midterms, or assignments and did not complete the form, OR if the absence will continue for more than three days, a doctor’s note submitted to Learning Services will be required.

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  • I certify that I missed the course requirements listed above for the reasons stated. Because of this absence I did not complete the academic requirements of the course listed above. I understand that providing false or misleading information with the intent to avoid or delay fulfilling any academic requirement constitutes academic dishonesty. I understand that I am responsible for arranging alternate dates/deadlines for missed academic requirements and that if I am found to have committed this breach of the academic integrity policies, a formal allegation of academic integrity may be made against me.
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